After nearly 2 decades of faux budgeting and money stress, I finally started really budgeting and my life has been changed. I’m not a naturally frugal person and frugality is not a part of my platform. You may choose for it to be, but I like nice things and traveling and giving gifts and could spend all the rest of my money on outdoor apparel (I don’t though). Thanks to budgeting and finally getting my roots right, I paid off nearly $50,000 in debt.

I started Moso Money to help people like me—the ones who think they’ll never get ahead and who have ever felt guilty or ashamed of their money habits or situation. You don't have to feel like this!

For years, I convinced myself that a budget would wreck my life. My life has been very blessed but I did a nice job of getting myself in financial circumstances that caused a lot of stress (credit card debt, student loan debt, car debt), so it’s funny I thought a budget would throw off my groove since my groove was fairly stressful. When I got serious about changing my money situation, I made a concrete, specific plan to pay off $50K of debt. That was really, really exciting because, for the first time, I had a timeline, a light at the end of the tunnel. But what was even more exciting was, thanks to the magic of the plan and sticking to it, I became debt-free MUCH sooner (almost half my projected time).

I have had lots of years of making mostly-solo life decisions (lots of good ones, lots of dumb ones especially financial). I finally have realized that many of the dumb decisions were motivated by The Emotions, and want to help others discover how emotionally freeing and awesome it is to get in charge of their spending habits. Doing so makes financial freedom possible again or for the first time. The path toward financial freedom is abundant with peace and potential and every positive emotion!

I love oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough and will drive out of my way to watch road construction. I love fried chicken (most fried foods to be honest), being outside, reading, road trips, and want to learn to skateboard. I think.

I have helped couples and individuals alike learn budgeting in the YNAB way and am appreciated for the very practical and encouraging way I help people learn and love finally being the boss of their money. I am so excited to get to know you and help you get your money roots right so you can stop scraping by and start living!