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Budgeting 101 Webinar

Tips, strategies, and tools to get you excited and empowered to do money different.
May 4 | 7:00pm MST

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Give your dreams the green light by getting your money roots right.

If you love the literal or figurative open road, calling the shots, and working on the things you really care about, you are so in the right place.
Moso Money is all about helping dreamers get out of debt and become financially free to do the things they long to do. Get the FREE guide to jumpstart your journey.

Step 1: Create a plan & a system

Step 2: Pay off debt & build savings

Step 3: Do your own thing

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Hi, I'm Emily Burnett and I've been where you are.

If you've reading this, it's probably because you have big dreams for your life, a job you may not like, debt you dislike even more, and not enough savings to do anything different. I so "get" this place!

Let's get you seeing what's possible for you‚ÄĒno debt, money in the bank, and a system that helps you keep everything organized.

When you use the Moso approach to money, your cash & your financial confidence grow.

You're not "bad with money" or as financially stuck as you think you are. You can unlock your potential and a ton of momentum by maximizing the money you have right now.

Do you light up at the thought of doing your own thing?

Or at least having the option to do something different?
Whether you're the one simply daydreaming on Zoom calls or already side-hustling, you've got more money right now than you think.

Let's get your money on purpose so you can get on-purpose.



Get super honest about your cost of living and then use those numbers to realistically plan with.



Create a system (aka budget) that helps you actually stick to your exciting plans.



Build a reserve of cash and confidence with money in order to pursue what you want.
Start with the 5-step guide

What clients say.


I’m so glad I found Emily.  I now feel hopeful and more confident with making my money choices.  

Working with Emily is like having a best friend who’s a money master!


Including Emily as my financial coach has been the best decision for my finances that I have yet to make. I have already seen a huge return on investment.


Emily's approach to budgeting is so FUN and doable and approachable, not like a chore anymore, but something I want to do!


Emily helped me take control of my money, which I had been putting off for years. I now feel empowered and like a real ‚Äúadult‚ÄĚ when it comes to my budget.


Working with Emily helped me so much. She helped me see that earning more money wasn't the answer; [the solution] was how to make my existing money work for me.


I can honestly say I feel in control of my money now and know where it is going while getting out of debt.

Thank you for giving me the freedom and confidence I have been wanting.

Meet your money coach.

I'm Emily Burnett, and I am passionate about what the budgeting part of personal finance can do for people.
I have written extensively about the subject and coached dozens of others to healthier money and thus happier lives.
I did my own corporate quitting in 2022 and have been traveling and building my business full-time ever since.
I love the open road, literally and figuratively, and have my first book (about what else‚ÄĒbudgeting) coming out in¬†2023.
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What does it look like to work with me?


Many coaches haven't actually been where you are and you may not feel comfortable sharing your debt and spending with them. I have and that makes our conversations judgment-free and actually a lot of fun.


My coaching is all about helping you make a plan for moving forward and then doing it. If you've been talking for a while now about doing stuff differently, it's time to take action by getting your money organized for it.


Being able to break up with a corporate paycheck starts with managing your paychecks better, right now. This includes helping you choose budgeting tools and habits that actually and finally work!

Let's get you unstuck!
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The Money Guide for Dreamers


You're burned out and itching to do your own thing. Build your own empire. Be free, or at least know that you're making it an option.

Use the 5 steps in this guide to start maximizing your money, getting out of debt and building savings so you can maximize your one and only life.
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1:1 Money Coaching

Now is a great time to start taking care of your money.

"See Your Way to $10K" Workbook

This workbook captures the process I followed to get myself out of debt to the tune of $50,000.

This is a great option for those who can't (currently!) afford private coaching, the DIY-er who prefers working solo, or the person just warming up to doing money differently.

Digital download.
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There is no replacement for tailored support, encouragement, and accountability through this process. Coaching with me is fun, instructive, compassionate, challenging in all the necessary ways, and full of celebration for all your exciting progress.

The focus of my coaching is on reframing budgeting, making peace with where you are right now, and seeing how possible your goals are as you get on purpose with your money.

  • Surface all your spending.
  • Make peace with where you really are right now.
  • Identify your unique triggers, blind spots, and spending traps.
  • Identify opportunities to simplify accounts and priorities.
  • Map out how realistically you can reach your goals.
  • Reframe budgeting as something wonderful and teach you what actually works now and in the future.

Book a free "Money Chat" to learn more and to see if we're a fit!

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Why Moso?

Moso is all about helping you get your roots right so you can experience maximum growth. Moso (pronounced "mo-so") is a type of bamboo which grows slowly at first. Once its roots are developed and it reaches a height of a couple feet, it starts growing several inches a day. Cool, right?
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