Money doesn't have to be hard.

Financial coaching for the  single woman ready to break-up with debt cycles and create a beautiful life.

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Managing money solo? Not sure where to start or what to change so it works?

I write and coach you to take the reins of your money and your life. You'll love the results.

Pay off debt and have a financial cushion.

Enjoy managing and spending your money.

Give yourself and your future amazing options.

Financial stress is no fun.

I get it. Life is too short to spend it worried about money and doubting your ability to take care of it. Let's fix that.

You can 100% do this money thing.

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What coaching with me looks like.

While behaving differently with money is very much a part of financial coaching, a critical focus of my coaching practice is to help you believe differently about yourself.

About yourself with money.

About yourself with habits.

About your past and your future with money.

Because when you believe better things about yourself and money, you get beautiful results.

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The practical pillars I teach.

Understand and embrace what you know about your current financial picture. Getting numbers on paper can feel scary, but it is where an exciting chapter with money begins. There is power in confronting reality!

Map out a concrete financial plan to where you want to go. Mapping out a measurable plan for achieving your life goals while taking care of the needs and wants of today will put a total bounce in your step!

Learn tools and habits that make your happy financial picture a total reality. My coaching introduces you to tools and habits that will make financial excitement and progress possible for the rest of your life.


“I had the good fortune to have Emily help me with budgeting for my family. Budgeting has been something that has been on my “to-do list” for years, but I never prioritized it. I’m so glad I asked for help! Emily made the process easy and simple. The way I approach my money and my future has change completely! And I’m never looking back thanks to Emily!.”


Emily’s calm, non-judgmental manner immediately put us at ease. She showed us ways to budget our wildly variable self-employment income, which we never thought possible. Knowing that Emily had once been where we are on the debt spiral, we never felt judged for our mistakes, and now we feel hope for the first time in decades. Wish we had known about Moso 30 years ago but she showed us that it’s never too late to start.


I have been working with Emily for over a year now. With her coaching, patience, and guidance I have been able to build a solid foundation. I have saved more than I have ever saved before. She helped me assign categories for my money and I feel empowered since my divorce to be able to be independent with finances. Thank you Emily!


You Can Do This Money Stuff

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