Are you ready to feel awesome about your money?


Intentional money. Intentional life.

The Moso Manifesto looks a little something like this...

I write about getting on purpose with money and life. Why? Put simply, I know first-hand the stress of being stuck–professionally, financially, personally–and never realized the solution would be found in the simple practice of budgeting, real budgeting. 

The budgeting I talk about is not an end unto itself. It’s the means to...what? The life you want to live! You’ve got reasons to get on purpose with your money.

You’ve got awesome things to do in this one life of yours! 

So I write to share money approaches that really work, and to encourage others to improve their money system. 

But money is not the only root to get right for the sake of your best life. I write about getting unstuck and on purpose with personal routines, self-improvement, and habits.

Not because I am perfect at it, but because I like the idea of making headway toward my potential and helping others do the same toward theirs. 

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