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1:1 coaching to help you gain clarity around your money and learn how much fun it is to be in charge of it. It's time you got on-purpose with your money for a happier life.

What happy clients say:

I had the good fortune to have Emily help me with budgeting for my family. Budgeting has been something that has been on my “to-do list” for years, but I never prioritized it. I’m so glad I asked for help! Emily made the process easy and simple. The way I approach my money and my future has change completely! And I’m never looking back thanks to Emily!

Jessica P.

Emily is so knowledgable but yet she is so patient with me as I learn financial principles. Emily takes the time in each our appointments to find out what I want to achieve with my finances and she helps me design a plan to get there. Including Emily as my financial coach has been the best decision for my finances that I have yet to make. I have already seen a huge return on investment. I would highly recommend Emily to anyone looking for quality financial coaching.

Niel B.

Emily’s calm, non-judgmental manner immediately put us at ease. She showed us ways to budget our wildly variable self-employment income, which we never thought possible. Knowing that Emily had once been where we are on the debt spiral, we never felt judged for our mistakes, and now we feel hope for the first time in decades. Wish we had known about Moso 30 years ago but she showed us that it’s never too late to start.

Alison T.

She was very empathetic about my situation, and her knowledge base about the subject at hand was very beneficial to me. She listened to my situation and offered specific solutions to help me get there. She was great!

Chase C.

How I help:


In both writing and coaching, I love reframing "budgeting" for people and highlighting just how much better life is when you plan your money. I share my own stories and learnings as well as those of others to provide external motivation, and walk you through finding your intrinsic motivation, or "why" it matters to you to get your money roots right.


This is where the actual doing of budgeting starts. YNAB is the budgeting app we'll be using, and while I think it is practically perfect, there is a definitely learning curve (#TotallyWorthIt). It represents a new, better way to think about your dollars and I love to help people learn and be successful with it.


If budgeting like this is new for you, as it is for many of my clients, encouragement from and accountability to a coach make all the difference. Regular check-ins and cheerleading along the way keep you from falling off the happy wagon when you feel stuck or unmotivated. You've got big things to do and mastering your money is a huge part of propelling you toward them!

Who's behind Moso?

Hello there! I’m Emily. Nice to meet you:) After nearly 2 decades of faux budgeting and money stress, I finally started actually budgeting using the best tool ever (hello, YNAB!) and my life has been changed. Thanks to budgeting and finally getting my money roots right, I paid off nearly $50,000 in consumer debt to become debt-free. I coach to help people get ahold of their habits and priorities and live with intention.
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What is life waiting for you to do?

Not having your money in order and living in disorder holds you back from contributing in ways only you can. Moso exists to help people just like you learn to budget using the best money management tool out there (YNAB) and make a richer, happier life possible.

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