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Budgeting 101 Webinar

Tips, strategies, and tools to get you excited and empowered to do money different.
May 4 | 7:00pm MST

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Manage your money with ease.

Coaching and courses to help you budget, save, and get out of debt—all without deprivation, guilt, or overwhelm.

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Pay off debt and have a financial cushion.

Enjoy managing and spending your money.

Give yourself and your future amazing options.

What clients say.


Emily has an empathetic approach that makes everyone feel welcome and equipped to do hard things.

Historically, I have carried a lot of shame and stress around money and budgeting, but Emily helped me see that I am not as behind as I thought I was.

She helped me take control of my money, which I had been putting off for years, but I now feel empowered and like a real “adult” when it comes to my budget.


I have literally struggled for 20+ years worrying about money. Living paycheck to paycheck while also trying to pay off credit card debt and have some sort of savings.

I can honestly say I feel in control of my money now and know where it is going while getting out of debt.

Thank you for giving me the freedom and confidence I have been wanting.

I now also love budgeting! I can't recommend Emily enough. 10/10!!!


Finally, budgeting explained in a way that is easy to understand and simple to implement.. IMMEDIATELY!

I’m moving into a new chapter of my life and had been feeling stressed over having to do this all on my own.  

I’m so glad I found Emily.  I now feel hopeful and more confident with making my money choices.  

Working with Emily is like having a best friend who’s a money master!

Hello there!

I'm Emily.

And I get messy money.

If you are reading this, you probably do too.

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How we do this "money thing."

Understand and embrace your current financial picture.

Getting numbers on paper can feel scary, but it is where an exciting chapter with money begins. There is power in confronting reality!

Map out a financial plan to where you want to go.

This is an actionable, concrete plan for achieving your life goals while taking care of the needs and wants of today. It will put a total bounce in your step to see your way to your dreams!

Learn tools and habits that help your money stay organized.

My course and coaching introduces you to tools and habits that will make financial excitement and progress possible for the rest of your life.


1:1 Money Coaching

Now is a great time to start taking care of your money.

"See Your Way to $10K" Workbook

This workbook captures the process I followed to get myself out of debt to the tune of $50,000.

This is a great option for those who can't (currently!) afford private coaching, the DIY-er who prefers working solo, or the person just warming up to doing money differently.

Digital download.
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There is no replacement for tailored support, encouragement, and accountability through this process. Coaching with me is fun, instructive, compassionate, challenging in all the necessary ways, and full of celebration for all your exciting progress.

The focus of my coaching is on reframing budgeting, making peace with where you are right now, and seeing how possible your goals are as you get on purpose with your money.

  • Surface all your spending.
  • Make peace with where you really are right now.
  • Identify your unique triggers, blind spots, and spending traps.
  • Identify opportunities to simplify accounts and priorities.
  • Map out how realistically you can reach your goals.
  • Reframe budgeting as something wonderful and teach you what actually works now and in the future.

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Cover of the cheat sheet: 7 strategies that change your money and life—for good

Get the free cheat sheet.

In this cheat sheet, you’ll get easy access to the 7 strategies that make all the difference in monthly money management you can love
These strategies turn budgeting into something empowering, and get you in the driver's seat of your money. All without deprivation, coupon clipping (unless you want to), or feeling guilty about your spending.
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