"See Your Way to $10K"


Create a clear path to $10,000 in financial progress, organize your money to make it possible, and spend without any guilt.

Understand your money and why it hasn't been working for you.

Organize your money to cover your needs and wants.

Thrive, knowing that your money finally supports your dreams.

You wonder if you can really be confident with money. You feel like you should "have it all together" (and feel like you don't).

You doubt yourself and your abilities with money.

You aren't sure where to start and wish someone else would make the decisions for you.

You yo-yo with credit card spending and feel guilty for the number of times you dip into—or empty—your savings account for "emergencies" or to cover overspending.

What if I told you that you absolutely can come to trust yourself with money and financial decisions?

That you could keep track of it, have more of it, and actually love budgeting?

That you could give yourself, your family, and your future incredible options, all by thinking about and doing money differently?

Well, you can!

It's not too late for you to thrive with money and in life. The sooner you start, the sooner you begin a very happy next chapter.

In this power-packed workbook, you will:

  • Develop a vision for your life and money that gets you on purpose with both.
  • Get organized financially and have a plan/budget that finally works without deprivation.
  • Stop yo-yoing with credit card spending—for good.
  • Have an emergency fund that you use instead of credit cards.
  • See your step-by-step path to making $10,000 of progress toward debt-freedom or  another money goal.
  • Have financial confidence and peace replace stress and guilt. You learn that you can figure out anything you care about!

I got you, girl.

Emily Burnett
Money Mentor and Financial Coach

I get messy money. Oh, do I get messy money.

I get the stress of making money and life decisions mostly solo. I get the feelings of shame and failure when you see all the other adults seemingly being adults with their money. Debt-free with plenty of money in the bank seemed like an impossible dream.

And then I figured out how to achieve both (and so much more) without deprivation and misery.

If I can do it, so can you. I was short on hope, am still not a frugal spender, and thought budgeting would ruin my life. It's been my privilege to help dozens of others discover hope, confident spending, and a lasting system that works.

This workbook is both the why it matters and the how you too can be permanently different with and happy about money.

If you do the same things you've always done, you'll get the same results.

Not having your money in order holds you back from contributing in ways only you can, and feeling broke all the while.

Everything can change today.

This money workbook has been created specifically for the woman who:

Prioritizes and spends real money on everyone else, but downplays her own wants and needs.

Has yo-yoed with credit card debt most of her life and says she is terrible with money.

Has a Target problem, overspends and perpetually feels guilty for her spending.

This workbook is for you if:

  • You are a spender who likes nice things!
  • You are ready to stop feeling shame, stress, and inferior with money.
  • You have a messy history with money and are ready to change.
  • You want to finally get out of debt or at least stop getting into debt.
  • You have plans for your life and need your money to support them.

For less than the price of two movie tickets, you can change your money and future. Forever.


What do I get when I purchase?
When you purchase, you automatically receive the downloadable PDF (print-quality) version of the workbook to your email.

Should you desire to have it printed, you can send the file to any local printer (AlphaGraphics, OfficeMax, etc.) and have them print it and spiral bind it. It is formatted for printing and I highly recommend this option, but whether you print it or work through it on your device, PLEASE do the written exercises. Doing the work outlined in the workbook is critical.

What else is required?
In order to organize your money and keep it organized, you need a tool. This workbook walks you through my favorite tool that and success using the workbook assumes you sign up for and pay for an annual subscription to the budgeting tool, You Need A Budget. YNAB just works for literally every client I have worked with and I have yet to find a tool I like better. 

This is a separate subscription you will sign up for and own. It’s free for 34-days and worth every penny of its annual membership of $98.99. Do not buy this now: you will be completing the first section of the workbook outside of YNAB and I want you to get full advantage out of the free 34-days of it.
Who is this workbook for?
Primary household spenders, particularly women. Money tends to be an emotional thing for women and we struggle with insecurity about it in ways that men might not.

This workbook is especially for non-frugal women who have yo-yoed with credit card spending and debt, and those who like to spend and have nice things.
What if I like debt and have no problem with lots of credit balances?
I am probably not the money mentor for you—no hard feelings, though! I just have yet to meet someone who can make traction while they keep straddling the debt horse. And I want to be part of you making massive progress and choose to work with clients who are tired of unhealthy debt.
Are you a financial advisor?
Nope! And I definitely don't pretend to be :-) In this workbook, I introduce you to the tools and habits and mindsets that changed my money life. You could say this book is all about getting the roots of your money right (organizing your money and planning your spending AKA "budgeting"), so you can do bigger things with your money.

You are still the one calling all the shots in your spending and I recommend you include a financial advisor in your big-picture money decisions.

What if:

Money can make sense?

Budgeting just means planning?

You can be good with money?

It can, it does, and you can be.

Afford a beautiful life by getting on purpose with your money.

This 61-page digital workbook helps you examine the roots of overspending, get all your numbers on paper, choose proactively how you want to spend, create a map to your financial and life goals, and walks you through creating a budget that actually works for you.

A print-ready version is also provided after purchase should you desire to have it printed.

Money can make sense.
Spending can be guilt-free.
You can be confident with both.

Start your happier money chapter today.

$ 14.99 USD

Get the Workbook Now!
The tool for budgeting taught in this workbook is YNAB (You Need A Budget). I am not affiliated with them but I love how they have changed money for me and clients. Purchasing this workbook implies that you understand to get the full value from it, you will want to purchase a separate subscription to YNAB.