Work with Emily.

How we work together to get you financially free.

See Your Way to $50K

The Blueprint for seeing exactly how to surface and forecast your cash flow to finally gain financial momentum toward your goals.

This no-fluff course guides you through determining your timeline to reaching your financial goals, ensures you are using accurate numbers to make that map, and helps you shore up critical systems to make sure it all happens.

The GOOD* Club™️

The GOOD Club i about helping you make massive progress to your financial freedom goals in a supportive, fun group.
*Get Out Of Debt



Digital Resources

My coaching is personal and tailored to you. Things we make happen via 1:1 coaching: 
  • Dream bigger and make the most of the money you already have to support your dreams.
  • Create and refine your money management system so you can spend guilt-free and stop reacting to all the things
  • Make a game plan for debt pay-off and make big headway toward it. Accountability, anyone?
  • Confidence with money. It's way better than those crummy vibes you've had for too long.
  • Create a savings buffer = peace of mind!
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Here's what it looks like to work with me:

Step 1

Intro Call

If you've made it this far, I suspect we're really going to like each other and be a great fit for working together.

But let's just make sure and get the party rolling!

These are awesome conversations about where you've been, where you are, and where you want to go and how I can help you with your money to get there.

Step 2

Financial Deep-dive

It's wild how much we can accomplish in this 90-minute Make a Plan session.

Magic happens when you review your cost of living with someone else. We can then use those actual numbers to make your plan, and begin setting up a financial system to get you to your #1 financial goal.

Step 3

Office Hours | Support

Support in mastering the system and approach that make your freedom plan possible is so critical!

Affordable monthly packages are available, as are 1-off office hours. All money topics are fair game for these! Budget reviews, questions about creating a budget, brainstorm about your plans...the sky is the limit!
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The Magic in Your Money

The Blueprint for managing your monthly money with ease and confidence, to stress less, spend happier, and start making the life of your dreams possible.

Best news ever? That magic can start right now. No financial windfall or better job necessary!

In this course, you will bring to light and accept all your spending, create a plan for getting to your goals, and create a budget you understand and love for what it makes possible in the future—and right now.  

I'm in! Let's do this!