Course: The Magic in Your Money


The Magic in Your Money

The Blueprint for managing your monthly money with ease and confidence, to stress less, spend happier, and start making the life of your dreams possible.

Best news ever? That magic can start right now. No financial windfall or better job necessary!

In this course, you will bring to light and accept all your spending, create a plan for getting to your goals, and create a budget you understand and love for what it makes possible in the future—and right now.  

I'm in! Let's do this!

But first, who is this for?

You are perfect for this course if you are tired of living paycheck to paycheck despite making good money. You have big plans for life but feel like you need to win the lottery to make them happen. You cringe at the word “budget” but feel like you should try it...again.

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You are a perfect fit for this course if you:

  • Are ready to be confident with your money.

  • Are successful in your career and life, and have high standards for yourself.

  • Are ready to ditch your excuses and make a fresh start.

  • Love the idea of getting ahead of things, instead of always reacting to money stuff.

  • Are a spender! Bet you weren’t expecting that! 

  • You are ready to stop financing your life, and ready to start planning your life. 

  • Want less spending guilt and money stress. 

  • Want more peace, clarity and money in your life.

Sound like you? You are so in the right place!

By the end of this program, you will have:

Gained clarity

Your money will make sense to you, as will your previous overspending. You have the information and tools necessary to plan and organize it, and love the decisions you're able to make.

Ditched fear and stress

No more being afraid to look at your checking account balance. You'll start telling your money what to do, and know what’s in there because you already planned it all out.

Switched from reactive to proactive

You are no longer always reacting to spending events and emergencies. You organize and plan your spending and start looking ahead instead of always playing catch up.

Have more money in your life

If you do the work and get on purpose with your money, you will almost certainly have more of it. And certainly will over time!

Made progress & seen what's possible

The financial and life goals that felt impossible? No longer! You will see—on paper—how you can reach those goals, and then make progress toward them.

Gained confidence

You will feel confident about the way you handle your money, a really refreshing change from stress and guilt! Bonus: this confidence spills over into your relationships and life decisions.

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A client case study.


When I got divorced and started managing money solo, I felt like I needed a new start with managing my money. I felt like I was doing "the right things" by putting money in savings, contributing to retirement and kids' college funds, but always felt I was barely meeting my goals and living paycheck to paycheck.

I was always surprised when my monthly credit card bill came and I had to scramble to pay it off in full every month. It was especially frustrating because I was actively trying.

Working with Emily helped me so much. She helped me see that earning more money wasn't the problem; it was how to make my existing money work for me.

Assigning my money to specific categories (in my budget) made me feel less guilty to spend my money. Emily was very positive and encouraged me along the way to assure me that I wasn't "bad with money." I just needed a new approach to budgeting.

With her help, I saw the reality on how much my life actually cost and that’s the lifestyle I would like to maintain. I found a tool that helped me proactively plan my budget.

This helped me feel so much more empowered. I finally felt like I was in control of my money instead of my money controlling me and I was able to save more money than I'd ever saved before and that felt amazing!

I can’t thank Emily enough for how she has changed my outlook on money. She is very personable and genuinely cares about improving your relationship with money. I would highly recommend her to everyone! Thank you Emily !

This course changes lives and it's officially open

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What happy students say:


Finally, budgeting explained in a way that is easy to understand and simple to implement.. IMMEDIATELY!

I’m moving into a new chapter of my life and had been feeling stressed over having to do this all on my own.  

I’m so glad I found Emily.  I now feel hopeful and more confident with making my money choices.  

Working with Emily is like having a best friend who’s a money master!


Knowing that Emily had once been where we are on the debt spiral, we never felt judged for our mistakes.

Now we feel hope for the first time in decades.


Emily and her budgeting workshop are awesome. She has an empathetic approach that makes everyone feel welcome and equipped to do hard things.

Historically, I have carried a lot of shame and stress around money and budgeting, but Emily helped me see that I am not as behind as I thought I was.

She helped me take control of my money, which I had been putting off for years, but I now feel empowered and like a real “adult” when it comes to my budget.


Budgeting has been something that has been on my “to-do list” for years, but I never prioritized it.

I’m so glad I asked for help! Emily made the process easy and simple.

The way I approach my money and my future has changed completely!


Emily's approach to budgeting is so FUN and doable and approachable, not like a chore anymore, but something I want to do!


Emily is not only knowledgeable about budgeting but enthusiastic!

I have literally struggled for 20+ years worrying about money. Living paycheck to paycheck while also trying to pay off credit card debt and have some sort of savings.

I can honestly say I feel in control of my money now and know where it is going while getting out of debt.

Thank you for giving me the freedom and confidence I have been wanting.

I now also love budgeting! I can't recommend Emily enough. 10/10!!!

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What's inside?

Let's look at all the goodness inside The Magic in Your Money:



Start Exactly Where You Are, With What Is

Make peace with your present and do the critical prep work to create a budget you will love.

  • Money scripts and mindsets. Redefine budgeting!

  • Face your fears, draw boundaries around your “problem.” Sweep everything into the middle.

  • Life audit, can’t change something you haven’t fully looked at.

  • Critical to do this prep work before you start budgeting to minimize resistance.

  • You see the budget simply as the tool that helps you keep your plan.



Create the Budget of Your Dreams

Learn the magic combination of hypothetical budgeting (spreadsheet) + real budgeting.

  • Discover how good it feels to get ahead of your spending, by proactively organizing your real money and prioritizing the enjoyable things of life. 

  • You’ve learned things before—you can absolutely learn this!

  • A budget is just the thing that helps you keep your money organized according to your priorities

  • Forecast in a spreadsheet, budget in a tool. I will be referring to You Need A Budget (YNAB) and if you want my best support, I'd recommend you use the same.

  • The power of starting exactly on the day you start

  • Proactive vs reactive. So many better things to budgeting, tracking your spending is just part of it.



Winning with the Budget of Your Dreams (Using Your Budget)

Know clearly how to operate this new vehicle and sail through what would have previously stopped you in your tracks. 

  • The joys of having money planned and set aside for the things you need and want!

  • It’s a little bit like any habit that makes your life better, it’s easier if you do it. You’ll never get good at the thing you’re not doing.

  • Break up with your checking account balance for the better. Know exactly how much you decided to spend on various things!



Where Do You Want to Go?

See exactly how possible it is to achieve your #1 money/life goal as you get your money on the same team as you. 

  • This provides the motivation to create, use and love a budget—for good.

  • Trust yourself with your money and your future

  • See what’s possible/start to dream again



Winning with Money & Habits That Last

Know how to succeed, get back on track, and where to go from here.

  • Define success (it’s way less complicated than you think)

  • Plan to stumble and how to get back on track. This is not fad-budgeting!

  • Your budget will evolve as you and your life evolve.

  • Commit to this because it’s really a commitment to yourself and your happiest life!

  • Habits for money = habits for life = habits for money


All the checklists and cheatsheets you need throughout to stay on track and getting the satisfaction of checking things off a list...

But wait—there's more!

Bonuses for you.

You may worry about your ability to stick this out, and make it transformation. Let's face it, I can't do the work for you. I've created the blueprint you need to get results and a system you love, and in these bonuses I'm including the accountability and community you need to make permanent changes in your money and life. There may even be prizes, because, who doesn't like prizes?!

$547 VALUE

Weekly Live Q&As

You'll be able to submit questions ahead of time, or ask questions real-time. And for anyone feeling really brave, each week I will bring at least one student on for "hot seat coaching." You will learn so much from the questions of others, and knowing that you can ask questions real-time makes this something that will change your money for good.

Weekly Live Study Hall Hours

I will have dedicated time each week for quick 1:1 help since there's no replacement for someone looking at what you're seeing real-time. You will be able to sign up on a private calendar for this individualized help.

Support via Email

Sometimes you just need to know that you can "email a friend." Especially one who's walked this path before you and who "gets" it. I respond to emails as soon as I'm able, M-F, and will do sporadic, proactive check-ins to see how things are coming along for you!

Inside The Magic in Your Money you will get:

5 actionable modules.

In these modules, you will learn the exact system that has worked for me—a spender and previous budget-loather—and so many others to fall in love with monthly money management. They are strategically timed and organized to get you results you will love, ensuring this is not a "fad budget" you end up feeling guilty about.

An actionable map to realizing your financial/life goals.

Seeing that what you want—becoming debt free, buying your first house, starting your business—is possible and when/how is life-changing. You will take the information you surface in this course to create your map and start charging toward it, loving your future life and your life right now.

A budget you will love.

Remember, a budget is just a system that will keep your monthly money plans organized. You are welcome to use any zero-based budget, but I will be referencing and teaching You Need A Budget and can support you best if you also use it (separate subscription).

Your actual cost of living.

Not knowing your true cost of monthly living has been holding you back longer than you know. In this course, you will surface how much your life costs every month and see clearly why you've been so stressed! #relief. With this information you can start to trust your plans and money management!

Your risk is protected.

I got you! Magic in Your Money is back by a risk-free 14-day guarantee.

Life is all about risks, but this doesn't need to be one of them!

How about we save those risks for the exciting chances you'll take on yourself? Great, we're agreed!

If you get into the course and find that it’s not for you, just email, show that you did the work, and we’ll issue a refund, easy peasy! 

You've got questions.
I've got answers.

Others in your exact same shoes have had questions before buying!

I’m nervous I can’t do this—I’ve tried all the budgeting before.
But have you tried budgeting like I teach? I doubt it! Because the kind of monthly money management I teach is the kind you never want to walk away from. Even as a spender.

I actually failed twice on even an amazing budgeting tool (YNAB) before finally making it stick. It turns out a budget is only part of the puzzle, and the other things we cover in the course are critical in you making a permanent change. If you can do basic math, you can do this. The most important thing is motivation and the desire to do money different.  You've got that? Okay!
Who is this course for?
Any independent spender who has all the feelings about money!

This course is especially for non-frugal women (and any guys who resonate with my approach!) who have yo-yoed with credit card spending and debt, and those who like to spend and have nice things. Any non-frugal person with big plans and who is ready to DO money different.
Do I get the course all at once?
No. You're welcome :-) By the time you've made it this far, I know you are anxious to dive right in and do it all, but I've found that it works best to pace. Otherwise, you may be tempted to skip the very steps that set you up for success, and skip right to budgeting.

If you "binge budget," you will be so much more likely to do deprivation budgeting—cutting all the things you feel guilty about. This a sure-fire way of wanting to quit immediately. If you trust me and the process, you will love the near- and long-term results.
What if I like debt and have no problem with lots of credit balances?
I am probably not the coach for you—no hard feelings, though! I just have yet to meet someone who can make traction while they keep straddling the debt horse. And I want to be part of you making massive progress and choose to work with clients who are tired of debt.
Is this a DIY course where I'm thrown to the wind to figure it out?
Such a great question, because heaven's knows there are a lot of courses like that out there.

Short answer: Heck no! This course has loads of accountability and pacing (modules are released weekly). While you will still have to do the work, you will have all the PDF guides and checklists you need to stay on track and take it a week at a time!
How much time goes into this whole "monthly money" budgeting thing?
You'll want to plan a couple hours per week during the course. If you have a pile of stuff to clean up, it may take you a bit longer to untangle it and come face to face with your reality. But think of it this way: you're just taking some of the time you currently spend worrying about your money or beating yourself up over it, and channeling it into creating new systems.

It's a little like planning a trip; are you willing to invest a couple hours into that? You are because it's something you want to do. The way I teach this, you will want to put in the effort. Because you will be able to do things like take more trips!

You will stay in touch with your money even after the course ends.  If you take the time during this course to really come face-to-face with all your spending and emotions of money, you will save yourself countless wasted dollars and energy in the long run.
What is the time commitment for this course?
This depends on how complicated your current money situation is:-) I would plan on 2-3 hours during the coursework part of the course to watch the videos, complete the worksheets, and DO the work. Just take some of the time you currently spend worrying about your money or beating yourself up, and channel it into creating new systems.

It's a little like planning a trip; are you willing to invest a couple hours into that? You are because it's something you want to do. The way I teach this, you will want to put in the effort.
Is anything else required?
In order to organize your money and keep it organized, you need a tool. I will be using YNAB (You Need A Budget) and strongly recommend you use the same so I can support you best.

This is a separate cost and subscription you will sign up and own. YNAB just works for literally every client I have worked with and I have yet to find a tool I like better. 

It’s free for 34-days and I recommend you wait to sign up so you can take full advantage of the trial.
What do I need to have for this course?
1. Access to a tablet or laptop/desktop computer.
‍2. Basic technical skills. Do you know what a browser is? :-)
Are you a financial advisor?
Nope! And I definitely don't pretend to be :-) While I was in my money-mess phase, the last person I wanted to talk with (even though I'm sure they would've been kind) was someone with credentials. This course is all about gaining or regaining your financial confidence and getting the roots of your money right so you can do bigger things with your money.

You are still the one calling all the shots in your spending and I recommend you include a financial advisor in your big-picture money decisions.

I'm interested, but...

You think it all sounds amazing, but you're still not 100%. Keep reading, and remember that you are backed by a risk-free guarantee!

If any of the following resonate, giving The Magic in Your Money is absolutely the right thing for you.

You're done playing small.

You’ve been playing small for a little while with your life, money and options. And you’re done. You’re savvy, smart and successful and have been spinning your wheels with money for long enough, don’t you think?

You're done with spending stress.

You’ve felt guilty for all the things you buy that make life worthwhile, and it doesn’t have to be like that anymore.

You're ready to trust yourself.

Getting on purpose with your money allows you to stand more independently on your own two legs because you know you can take care of yourself financially.You’ve messed up with money before? Welcome to the club, sister.

Secret: the magic is actually in you.

But wait...the course is called The Magic in Your Money?

Here's the thing. You might not believe that your magic is possible given your current money situation.

But when you get your money humming along (and love it), your own magic starts to feel so...possible.

How do I know?

7 years ago, I was mired in debt. $50K to be exact.

I very much lived paycheck to paycheck, and wondered if I’d ever be out of debt.

I’d retooled my career to make more money and still felt stuck and behind.

My financial transformation kicked off when I saw that I could get out of debt on my current income and current spending, and exactly how.

I'd put it all on paper and saw how possible it was because it didn't rely on deprivation and discipline.

I know how much better life is on this side of debt and money management, and I am passionate about helping YOU experience the same shift.

So you can live your best life.

So you can start to pursue—without funding them with shackling debt—the things you are on earth to do, the things that light you up. 

I want every woman to know what it’s like to feel so dang good about herself and her money…I’d be thrilled if you'd let me be part of unlocking the magic in your money, and you.

Emily Burnett

This course changes lives and it's officially open

But not for long!
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