Cost of Your Living


Understanding how much your life really costs allows you to finally win with a budget and make your money roadmap to freedom.

I'm not exaggerating...

...when I say that the number one reason people fail at budgeting is that they haven't fully looked at how much their life costs.

Not how much it "should" cost or how much they want to admit to.

By understanding—without judgment—at how much your life costs, you unlock the HUGE potential that's present in your money right now.
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You need this worksheet if you:

In this customizable spreadsheet, you will:

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  • Walk through surfacing all your spending in a single, fresh-take spreadsheet.
  • Plan your future spending by payday or month (this forecasting aspect is critically missing from every budgeting app I've seen)
  • See how your average monthly cost of living compares to your monthly income
  • Play with scenarios and how adjustments to planned spending affect your monthly cash-flow
  • Have accurate numbers to finally plan and budget with

So, is it "just" a spread-sheet?

Short answer: no.

This spreadsheet/worksheet comes from years of helping people change their money, and learning that they don't usually have a "budgeting" problem.

The problem has been that they are trying to organize (in a budget tool) an inaccurate financial picture. Guess how well that works? :-)

This spreadsheet captures the steps and formulas that finally make budgeting and money work for you. So you can finally make headway on your big goals and dreams.

You've got things to be doing.

And getting your money in order makes them all the more possible. Make more out of yo ur current money by finally seeing your true cost of living.

Trust me: this changes everything.

The worksheet includes:
  • Detailed instructions you need to complete it.
  • A real-life example to review.
  • A playground for you to add your numbers.
Start making your dreams possible by starting your happier money chapter today.


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