Moso Mode

Habit Cards for Intentional Living

These bite-size planner cards are designed to reinforce beautifully basic habits of intentionality, gratitude, and self-care.

Introduce new habits

Reinforce existing habits

Validate what's working

Moso Mode Habit Cards were born out of 2020. Every day started to feel a lot the same for most of us, and it was easy for days to blend together.

These cards were born out of a desire to remind all of us that each day matters and each person matters.

They were born out of a desire to remind all of us that we have tremendous power to choose our daily attitudes and habits.

They were born out of a desire to encourage all of us that we are happiest when we progress, and that our goals are reached when we work on them in tangible, daily ways.

And because part of getting your roots right is getting your money right, there's a habit card supporting you in your money journey. Intentional money, intentional life.

They're just one small*—but powerful—card. Because sometimes you don't need the whole planner. You need a fresh card reminding yourself that it's a new day.

And that you and your day are worth making intentional and approaching with kindness and gratitude.

Cards are 2.5 inches by 4 inches (for reference, a standard playing card is 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches). They are printed on a matte, heavy-weight cardstock paper and come in sets of 30.

Each has room for notes or extra to-dos on the back of each card and each set comes shrink-wrapped and tied with a ribbon.

Get your roots right.

When I first started Moso Money, I found myself writing a lot about money stuff. But I also wrote about other aspects of intentional living. Goal setting, motivation, organizational tips, scheduling hacks, breaking up with the snooze button; all of them fit under the umbrella of "getting your roots right" for a happier, simpler life.

And then 2020 hit, and, for a time, days of the week blended together and healthy habits felt less important. These cards were created to hold myself  accountable to the things I want in my life but sometimes forget during pandemic life or the busy return to normalcy.

It is my hope that these habit cards can help you approach your precious life with intention, structure, and gratitude.

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"My Money Matters" Habit Cards

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"My Goal Matters" Habit Cards

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"Be Intentional Today" Habit Cards

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"My Today Matters" Habit Cards

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Everything Matters! Combo

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