Budget Tune-Up Mini Course

What's Working, What's Not, and What to Change to Win with Your Money

This 3-part mini course is all about helping you get a fresh look at your existing budget to determine what's working for you, what's not, and things you can change to enjoy less financial stress.

I'm ready to tune it up!

You're in the driver's seat.

A budget is a lot like a vehicle in that it helps you get where you want to go. It's a fact of life that all vehicles need tuning up sometimes. This mini-course is the perfect opportunity to:

  • Review your budgeting system in a supportive, practical way.

  • Celebrate what's working and what you're doing well.

  • Identify opportunities for improvement that get you excited about what (more) is possible.

Who's this for?

Do either of the following sound like you?

I budget and it seems to be working well.

Maybe you're already using a budgeting tool and just want to do a deeper dive to see if there are tweaks that might make it all hum along smoother. It's still a total win if you come away from the workshop with a few new ideas and a feeling of satisfaction that your system is working for you!

I try to budget, but am always stressed about money.

Maybe you already know that you want to or need to make changes. You may know that you need different results. You may have tried various apps and spreadsheets but you remain perpetually strapped for cash. You'd love to make headway on debt-payoff or savings goals.

This mini course is designed by an experienced budgeting coach. It includes loads of assessment questions, prompts, and practical strategies to consider for making your system work (even) better.

Yes please, sign me up!

I love helping others feel awesome with their money.

I can’t thank Emily enough for how she has changed my outlook on money. With her help I have saved more than I have ever saved before in my life. Lisa

She helped me take control of my money, which I had been putting off for years, but I now feel empowered and like a real “adult” when it comes to my budget. Alyssa

Thank you for giving me the freedom and confidence I have been wanting. I now also love budgeting! I can't recommend Emily enough. 10/10!!! Margie

I now feel hopeful and more confident with making my money choices.  Working with Emily is like having a best friend who’s a money master! Kim

The details.

This mini course works around your busy schedule and allows you to deep-dive on your budgeting system at your comfort level. It is delivered as a 3-part course, delivered via email over the course of 3 subsequent days. It begins the day you purchase so you can get started right away!

It includes 3 videos and PDFs loaded with helpful prompts and exercises throughout—all guided by an experienced money coach with a passion for helping you create or refine a system to work for you.

Buy now!

You've got questions.
I've got answers.

Is this mini-course live?
Nope! You complete it at your own pace and will have lifetime access to the course videos and PDFs. Having it delivered in bite-size chunks over 3 days fits it into your busy life and paces your review so you don't get overwhelmed.
How is your approach to budgeting different than what I've heard before?
For one, it's a lot more fun. Way too many conversations about personal finance and budgeting are so boring. None of that here :-)

Clients have called me their "money therapist" and my approach to money and budgeting involves a lot of practicality, positivity, a little bit of tough love, and a whole lot of heart.
Can you tell me more about the course?
Of course! It's all about taking you through questions and experiences designed to get you auditing and tweaking your budget approach in a way you have not before.

There will be a video intros, PDF prompts, checklists and exercises to dive deep into any blind spots and get you looking at your budget system in a thorough and compassionate way.
Is there a timeline for completing the course?
This mini-course is intended to be completed over the course of three consecutive days, but I get that things come up! And the benefit of this is that you can complete it on your own timeline and have the videos and PDFs to refer back to.
How long should this course take?
It depends on how complex your finances and systems are and how much effort you want to put into your budget tune-up. I would plan on 15-20 minutes per day.

A note from Emily.

For far too long I avoided taking an honest look at my money situation. I managed to scrape by but funded my dreams, business goals, and things like clothes and Christmas on credit cards.

This all led to a lot of financial stress and, if I'm being honest, shame.

The financial and life progress I've been able to make since then has been incredible—well over 6-figures—but what's even cooler is that I trust myself with money now.

I buy the things I want and like guilt-free, knowing that they fit into my financial plan.

This transformation has led to a love for helping others happily manage monthly money.

Often that looks like working together to create a system you love, but I also love helping you refine your existing system and see what's working and what's not.

From first-hand experience, I know what's possible with a well-operating financial system, and would love to be your guide in tuning up your budget!


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